Study Groups

All ANC public representatives are allocated to Study Groups and each Study Group is headed by a Study Group Chairperson and is politically managed by a Whip.The core function of the Study Group is to do political work on the legislative programme before the Committee, political oversight in respect to matters coming before it, and formulate ANC policy for the relevant focus area. In doing this work the Study Group ensures that ANC policies find practical expression. The Study Group Chairperson is the political authority in the Study Group. It is his/her function to provide political leadership to the members of the Study Group on behalf of Caucus.

The Whip deployed to a Study Group functions as the political manager of the Study Group on delegated authority by the Chief Whip.

The Chairperson, together with the Whip and staff component of the Study Group, compose the Study Group Management Committee whose main function is to coordinate the affairs of the Study Group. At the discretion of each Study Group additional MP`s may be designated as part of the Study Group Management Committee, as coordination needs may determine.

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