Media Statements

Funeral arrangements of Cde Jackson Mthembu's daughter, Khwezi Mthembu

Mar 22 2019

As we reported the passing of the daughter of the ANC Chief Whip, Ms Khwezi Mthembu...

Tragic passing of the daughter of the ANC Chief Whip

Mar 20 2019

The Office of the ANC Chief Whip has learned with great pain and sadness of the...

The ANC welcomes adoption of four Committee Reports and three Bills by the National Assembly at its Penultimate Sitting

Mar 19 2019

The Office of the ANC Chief Whip is pleased with the adoption of four committee...

ANC Welcomes Adoption of Division of Revenue Bill and Financial Matters Amendment Bill

Mar 13 2019

The Office of the ANC Chief Whip congratulates the National Assembly for passing two...

National Assembly adopts Traditional Courts Bill

Mar 12 2019

The Office of the ANC Chief Whip welcomes the National Assembly's adoption of the...

National Assembly supports and reaffirms ACSA process on renaming airports

Mar 5 2019

Today the National Assembly adopted a resolution which supports and reaffirms the...


MP Statements

Dr Mngadi comes full circle after Cuban project

Feb 19 2019

The ANC, is once again delighted by the success stories of the Republic of South...

Presidency sets up NHI "war room"

Feb 19 2019

The ANC welcomes the setting up of a National Health Insurance "war room", which...

Soweto Gospel choir wins grammy award for the 3rd time

Feb 19 2019

The African National Congress congratulates the Soweto Gospel Choir for winning the...

The ANC welcomes the results of the study that purports decline on HIV infections

Aug 28 2018

Despite this progress, new HIV infections figure is still very high. Notably, however...

The ANC congratulates Team SA

Apr 24 2018

The ANC believes that sport promotes national unity through developing a united...

R1m maths and science centre brings hope to Soweto school

Apr 24 2018

The ANC has always been committed to reversing the unfortunate legacy inherited from...