, Zukiswa Cheryl

Ncitha Zukiswa
Whip: Select Committee on Land & Mineral Resources, Whip: Select Committee on Communications & Public Enterprises, Provincial Whip: Eastern Cape (NCOP)
Zukiswa Cheryl

Street Address:
ANC Constituency Office (750): Motherwell
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Constituency Office
Constituency Tel: 
043 642 3396
Constituency Fax: 
043 642 3009

Parliamentary Career

NCOP MP, 2016 to date

1.Chairperson at Select Committee on Petitions and Executive Undertakings (NCOP Committees) from 26th June 2019 until 27th August 2021. 2.Member at Select Committee on Petitions and Executive Undertakings (NCOP Committees) from 24th June 2019 until 26th June 2019 3.Member at Ad Hoc Committee on the Review of Parmed (Ad Hoc Committees) from 3rd October 2018 until 7th May 2019 4.Member at Ad Hoc Committee on the Funding of Political Parties (NCOP) (Ad Hoc Committees) from 26th June 2018 until 7th May 2019 5.Member at Select Committee on Communications and Public Enterprises (NCOP Committees) from 18th August 2016 until 7th May 2019. 6.Member at Select Committee on Land and Mineral Resources (NCOP Committees) from 18th August 2016 until 7th May 2019 7.Member at Ad Hoc Joint Committee on Appointment of Board Members to the National Youth Development Agency (Ad Hoc Committees) from 29th February 2016 until 7th May 2019. 8.Member at Select Committee on Trade and International Relations (NCOP Committees) from 30th July 2015 until 18th August 2016. 9. Member at Select Committee on Economic and Business Development (NCOP Committees) from 30th July 2015 until 18th August 2016

Political Career:

Provincial Whip. Select Committe Whip.

Office of the Premier, 1994-2011 Amathole District Municipality Councilor, 2004 – 2011 Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality. Executive Mayor, 2011 – 2016 In 1990, Ms Ncitha was elected COSATU's Gender Convenor in the Border Region. In 1994 COSATU seconded her to the Office of the Premier to set up the Provincial Gender Machinery, which resulted in the establishment of the Office on the Status of Women in the province. She was subsequently elected as a member of the Provincial Women Coalition Committee. In 1999 she became an Executive Member of the National Women's Coalition, and in 2006 she participated in the formation of the Progressive Women's Movement. In 2007, Ms Ncitha became a member of the Central Committee of the South African Communist Party (SACP), and was elected Convener of the Gender Transformation Commission. She represented the SACP in the historic Congress of the Left, which was held in Sweden, where she presented the Gender Transformation programme of the Party. In 2008 she was again included in the SACP delegation to CUBA to study that country's political, systematic and functional organization as a communist model. On 31 May 2011, Ms Ncitha was elected as the first Executive Mayor of the newly-established Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality.

UNISA, Diploma in Local Government

Personal Interests/Awards/Membership: 
Served in Numsa as the Shopsteward for 20 years I was a deputy chair of the province Later elected as the finance committee member I was also responsible for gender equality structure of the province in NUMSA I was later elected for Cosatu gender equality convenor This led to be seconded to the office of the Premier in Eastern Cape to set up gender machinery I served in the structures of the ANC as member and latter elected as the branch Steve Tshwete deputy chair for three terms I was then elected to serve as ANC provincial leader in 2009 to date Then elected as PWC member 2009 to date I was the Central Committee member of the SACP for two terms