The Zinc mine to change the face of the Northern Cape

LD Meso

The ANC is delighted at the opening of the US$400 million mining facility, located near Aggeneys in the Northern Cape, by Vedanta Resources Limited's investment at its Gamsberg zinc mine. We are confident that the opening of the mine is a step in the right direction towards changing the fortunes of the Northern Cape, the most sparsely populated province in the country, with an expanded unemployment rate of around 39%. This investment will change the economic landscape of this region and will contribute to much-needed social development. We also believe that the mining offers an opportunity to fundamentally change the area and greatly improve employment prospects in the province.

Last year, Vedanta spent R44 million on training and social projects aimed at skills development, health, enterprise development and municipal infrastructure support. The company is also targeting to the 30% inclusion of women in its operations at the mine in the next three years, and nearly half of the staff complement employed in that mine are young people from the local communities. The ANC calls on other investors, domestic and international, to emulate this example, and to heed South Africa's call for investment mentioned at the inaugural South Africa Investment Conference held, in October 2018.

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