Welcome remarks by the Chief Whip of the ANC, Isaac Mogase, during the occasion of the launch of the website of the Parliamentary Caucus of the African National Congress

22 November 2007

Madame Deputy President
Honourable Ministers & Deputy Ministers
Members of Parliament
Representatives of civil society and Non-governmental organisations
Esteemed members of the media and political commentators
Invited guests and members of the staff

I wish to welcome you to the launch today of the homepage of the Parliamentary Caucus of the African National Congress.

The development of this dynamic communications platform is informed by the one of the directives of the last national conference of the ANC, which called on the movement to extend the programme of direct communication in order to empower people to become active participants in the building of a united, non-racial, non-sexist, and democratic South Africa. That this launch today takes place on the eve of the next national conference next month is significant.

Indeed effective communications between the organisation and people, on whose behalf we are here, is fundamental to the success of the national democratic society the ANC seeks to attain.

Through this website of the Parliamentary Caucus, we are confident that we will further deepen our people\'s role as active participants in the democratic processes of their country. It will further enhance greater and direct accountability to the people, which is crucial to our democratic revolution and realisation of a truly people-centred and people-driven governance.

I wish to welcome you and sincerely thank you for being part of this important event. I am confident that you will find this internet site informative and resourceful.

I thank you.