Studying medicine in Cuba

NP Mkhulusi

The ANC welcomes the recent departure of 79 students from impoverished communities in the Zululand district leaving to study medicine in Cuba. Most of the students have been raised in poor and rural communities and matriculated in schools which were largely under-resourced.

Apart from the Zululand district being an impoverished area, it is also affected by a shortage of medical practitioners and proper healthcare facilities.
The community believes that the group of youth who have left to study medicine abroad, will return to ensure that they uplift the community and work in the local hospitals.

These students are part of a group of 400 from schools across the Kwa-Zulu Natal Province participating in this year`s programme which has been an ongoing one for the past 16 years.

The ANC wishes them well and has no doubt that upon their return, they will help towards solving the dire shortage of doctors in local hospitals and health centres.