Statement by Randy Pieterse on Communications

20 November 2008

The African National Congress believes that communications plays a major role in deepening our democracy, promoting a culture of human rights and a key pillar in the transformation of our country.

There are still few South Africans living in rural areas, who have never watched television or listened to the radio in their lives. It is estimated that about five {5} Million South Africans have no access to radio or television. 

Having identified this challenge, the Department of Communications, The South African Broadcasting Coorporation {SABC} and Sentech a State owned company have partnered together to address the challenge.

A 44 year old woman said as a community of Heuningsvlei they did not feel part of a broader South African family as they were not aware about the affairs of the country because they did not have access to information.

The African National Congress led government is committed in ensuring that communications and dissemination of information reaches every corner of our land so as to help strengthen our democratic system.

I thank you.

Randy Pieterse, MP
Tel: 021 403 32 65