A statement on President Appearing before Parliament

Kubayi MT

The Assertion that President Zuma doesn`t want to be held accountable and refuses to appear before Parliament is wrong.

It is important to note that it is President Zuma in his first term in office who insisted that he doesn`t have to answer questions and address the National Assembly only but he insisted that he must, in addition be scheduled to answer questions and address the NCOP.

He indicated that NCOP is equally important as the National Assembly and this he reflected by his action. The rules of Parliament don`t oblige the President to appear and answer questions in the NCOP.

The President is schedule to address the NCOP on Thursday 6 November and the provincial delegates will respond to the President`s response through a debate.

We must acknowledge the initiative by the President and his commitment in ensuring that the Executive is accountable to Parliament and not only the National Assembly. We urge opposition parties to constantly remember that Parliament has two houses and it can`t be members of NA that deflate the role played by the NCOP.