Statement by Peter Maluleka on the Heritage Day

23 September 2008

Tomorrow, the 24th of September, our country will be celebrating Heritage Day. The theme for this year is: Celebrating our dance, our heritage.

As African National Congress we believe that a flourishing cultural life is vital for the well-being of South Africa. We have always striven to facilitate and celebrate cultural production that captures the diversity, complexity and vibrancy of all our people.

Fundamentally, in our country the right of all South Africans to practice their religions, uphold their culture and speak languages of their choice is guaranteed. Amongst others, it is through arts and culture that a sense of national identity and pride continues to develop. Arts and culture are a potentially unifying force of humanity. Thriving and thought provoking artistic, cultural practices and dance contribute to a democratic and tolerant socio-political environment in society.

The African National Congress calls upon all South Africans to celebrate our diversity in dances and other artistic forms to display to the world our rich heritage.

I thank you!

Peter Maluleka
Whip of the Arts & Culture PC
Tel: 021 403 2986