Statement by Patrick Sibande on Malaria in Africa

23 September 2008

The rate of death associated with Malaria in Angola has been declining from twenty five thousand (25 000) in 2003, to seven thousand (7 000) in the last financial year. Because of the peaceful conditions the country has experienced since 2002, the sanitation services network has been expanded, resulting in radical decline in malaria related rate of death.

The drop of Malaria related deaths by more than fifty percent {50%}over the last five years of peace, surpassed the goals set in Abuja, Nigeria, for African countries to reduce to forty percent {40%} the rate of death caused by the disease.

These developments underline the importance of ongoing support to countries seeking to build and strengthen national dialogue around the ongoing process of reconciliation, reconstruction and nation building. It emphasises the centrality of peace in the process of realizing developmental goals.

The African National Congress calls on all South Africans to remain steadfast in our collective commitment to work towards the achievement of a better Africa and a better world. We commend the government and people of Angola on the progress they have made in the fight against Malaria.

I thank you!

Patrick Sibande, MP
Tel: 021 403 3632