F Jacobs

On Sunday 23 May 2021 the former Ambasador to Israel, Cde Ismael Coovadia passed on. Cde Coovadia is a long-standing member of the ANC and a very principled fighter for freedom and justice. He will be remembered for rejecting a gift of 18 trees planted in his honour by the Israeli regime, on the basis that the trees were planted on occupied Palestinian land.

South Africans must celebrate the contribution Cde Ismael made to the fight against apartheid and his role in opposing Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands and the brutality that Palestinians are subjected to on a daily basis.

We have lost one of our best diplomats at a time when we still need their experience and wisdom. In his honour the ANC reaffirms its unwavering commitment to stand firmly on the side of the people of Palestine in their struggle to achieve freedom and self-determination.

The ANC sends its heartfelt condolences to the Coovadia family, his friends and the broader democratic movement.

Thank you.