Statement By Ms Thandiwe Elisabeth Kenye On The Folateng Project In Gauteng

29 October 2009

he ANC is determined to end the huge inequalities that exist in the public and private sectors by making sure that these sectors work together. Health reforms involve mobilisation of available resources in both private and public health sectors to ensure improved health outcomes for all South Africans.

The Gauteng Department of Health and Social Development has in the last financial year generated R76 million from a project which bridges the gap between public and private health sectors

The Folateng project, a revenue generating initiative launched by the department a few years ago, consists of Folateng units which are situated in four of Gauteng`s public hospitals and serve as a bridge between public and private health sectors

The money generated from these units make the acquisition of major items of medical equipment more affordable to participating hospitals and allows affording members of the community an opportunity to receive high level medical care at a rate lower than that of private hospitals.

ANC believes that improving the quality of health care is an integral part of implementing NHI for the achievement of access to healthcare for all.

I thank you!

Thandiwe Elisabeth Kenye, MP
Tel: 021 403 3114