Statement By Ms Morwesi Johannah Segale-Diswai On Nursing Colleges

20 October 2009

The African National Congress believes that there have been many achievements in improving access to health care, however much more needs to be done in terms of quality of health.

The Department of Health is to focus more energy on revitalizing nursing colleges and creating a vibrant nursing education and training system. The next focus for the Department of Health is to strengthen colleges, in this regard the discussions with the Department of Higher Education and Training are at an advanced stage. The Department will identify the colleges with strengths which may be replicated throughout the system and which have innovative approaches to planning, management or student support.

The two Departments also agreed on the need for a diversified nursing education and training system, cutting across higher education and further education programmatic levels in the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

The African National Congress commends the Department of Health and the Department of Higher Education and Training on their joint effort of revitalizing nursing colleges as this will ensure improvement of skills in the health system, as well as meeting the national standards of quality care.

I thank you!

Morwesi Johannah Segale-Diswai, MP
Tel: 021 403 3021