Statement By Ms Lusizo Sharon Makhubele-Mashele On Government’s R900 Mil For Antiretroviral Programme

3 November 2009

The ANC has committed itself to reduce the rate of new HIV infections by 50% through aggressive prevention campaign and expand access to appropriate treatment, care and support to at least 80% of all HIV positive people and their families

In continuing with our commitment, the ANC Government will provide a total of R900 million to accommodate a higher take-up of antiretroviral treatment, with spending on HIV/AIDS programmes increasing to R4,4 billion this year, from R1,1 billion in 2005. The treatment is expected to exceed more than 300 000 new entrants a year. By the end of March next year, nearly 900 000 people will be receiving antiretroviral treatment. About 80 percent of new HIV/AIDS cases will be entering treatment by 2011/2012.

The ANC will always provide more resources that will be devoted in strengthening the implementation of the national plan on HIV/AIDS and STI.

I thank you!

Lusizo Sharon Makhubele-Mashele, MP
Tel: 021 403 2706