Statement By Ms Annelize Van Wyk On The Involment Of The Church In The Fight Against Crime

5 November 2009

ANC believes that Moral Regeneration is one of the vehicles to reduce crime and the religious fraternity can play a vital and a leading role in this regard. Hence the National Police Commissioner Bheki Cele has roped in church leaders in the fight against crime as the government steps up its war against criminals.

National Commissioner on Tuesday 27 October 09, met with the clergy in Johannesburg where he highlighted the ongoing attack of police officers, describing these attacks as "an attack on the rule of law and democracy".

The National Police Commissioner urged the church leaders to join the crusade in the prevention of crime by invoking spiritual support needed by police as they embark on the process of executing their duties.

The church can use sermons as effective vehicles to emphasize consequences of police killings; empower communities with knowledge and information on how to deal with and prevent domestic violence.

The criminal onslaught against society and our democracy can only be stopped if all of us play our part in the war against crime.

I thank you!

Annelize van Wyk, MP
Tel: 021 403 3091