Statement By Mr Sivapragas Pillay On SA Express Training Program

5 November 2009

This African National Congress, in its commitment to transform SA into a developmental state, initiated the formation of SA Express airline as a SOE.

In line with its mandate to make SA more accessible both within and in the neighbouring African states.

That South African Express (SAX) airline has shown good performance for the financial year under review. This airline is reporting a profit for the 2nd time since it became a stand-alone state-owned company.

In further fulfilling its mandate as a SOE, we are proud to announce that SA Express has launched its own Mach I and Mach II cadet training program to train pilots – even for its big brother – the SAA. The Portfolio Committee has requested SA Express to consider expanding this program and to actively advertise it to schools – to encourage learners to choose maths and science – so that we can recruit our future pilots from previously disadvantaged; rural and under-developed areas – thus spreading hope and opportunity throughout SA.

Together we can do more!!

I thank you!

Sivapragas Pillay, MP
Tel: 021 403 3120