Statement By Mr Sivapragas Pillay On Human Settlement

20 October 2009

The ANC government is expected to deliver on its promise of decent houses. It is therefore with regret, that I have to stand here today to report that we have knowledge of the selling of RDP houses in Uitenhage and the surrounding suburbs in the Eastern Cape.

In many areas, the registration and applications for low cost housing commenced as prior to construction of these houses. Hence more than 80% of the Title Deeds do not have the Pre-emptive Rights or Restrictive Clause that restricts the sale of these RDP houses for a period of 8 years.

The omission of this restrictive clause has opened the door for home-owners and unscrupulous agents to exploit this loophole and sell these houses randomly. Houses worth R59, 000.00 are being sold for as less as R3, 000.00 by desperate home-owners – who are then left destitute. We believe that more than 30% of the houses given to residents of Uitenhage as late as last year are already sold.

We therefore recommend that this matter be investigated and Regulations be promulgated that enjoin the Government in the Title Deed so as to prevent the sale of any RDP house – except to or with the specific authority of the government.

I thank you!

Sivapragas Pillay, MP
Tel: 021 403 3128