Statement By Mr Salamuddi Abram On The R7 Million Invested In The Eastern Cape’s Crop Project

10 November 2009

The African National Congress is committed to creating an environment that ensures that there is adequate food available for all, that we grow our own food and protect the poor communities from the rising prices of food and eradicate hunger.

Continuing with our commitment, AsgiSA EC has recently allocated R7 million for the construction of silos in the province as part of a cropping programme aimed at alleviating poverty in rural areas. AsgiSa EC is a provincial government initiative and is fast-tracking agriculture and agro-processing (which includes livestock) as well as forestry.

The jobs to be created and the small business development are also significant benefits of the integrated cropping programme. This year, Asgisa EC expects to double its harvest as the number of hectares has doubled from 6 700 to 12 000.

The African National Congress will always promote food security as a way to lessen our dependence on food imports.

I thank you!

Salamuddi Abram, MP
Tel: 021 403 2862