Statement By Mr Dalitha Fiki Boshigo On President Zuma Met With Mayors From Across SA

3 November 2009

The view of the ANC is that our country does need change in the way government relates to our people and in the delivery of services. Building upon our achievements and learning from our experience in government since 1994, the ANC is committed to improving the quality of education, health care, sanitation, and to accelerate the delivery of houses to millions of our people and achieve a better life for all.

On 20 October 2009 President Jacob Zuma addressed executive mayors and mayors from all 283 municipalities in South Africa to discuss the strengthening of the local government sphere. The meeting took place at the Oliver Tambo Hall in Khayelitsha, Cape Town

The meeting highlighted ANC Government`s determination to improve local government capacity, as well as its commitment to search for solutions to the challenges facing municipalities, building on progress made over the past few years, but acknowledging that a lot more still needs to be done.

The ANC remains in touch with our people and listen to their needs, and it is therefore committed to a service delivery culture that put every elected official and public servant to work for our people, and ensure accountability to our people. We will continue to develop social partnerships and work with every citizen.
I thank you!

Dalitha Fiki Boshigo, MP
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