Statement by Moses Dikgacwi in support of the Africa Olympic team

19 August 2008

The ANC wishes to acknowledge and support TEAM SOUTH AFRICA\'s efforts at the Beijing Olympic Games irrespective of the negative comments from certain sections of society who has dubbed the TEAM as hopeless failures.

Little attention have been given to the sterling performances of a number of our athletes who have broken a string of South African records at the Olympic Games. Unfortunately, efforts like this have gone largely unnoticed.

We need to remind ourselves that the Olympic Games remains the most prestigious sporting event in the world. Competition amongst countries is fierce because winning a medal is most probably the highlight of any participant\'s sporting career.

However, the Olympic Games is more than just winning medals. The Olympic Charter promotes amongst other the principles of respect for humanity, countries taking its place amongst the family of nations, good sportsmanship, respect for fellow competitors and sharing in the remarkable experience for countries to compete under peaceful conditions.

Upon the return of the Team, all stakeholders in sport will have to sit down to analyze and plan for greater success in the future. Greater financial allocation to prepare athletes must be conditional on proper planning. We must spare no effort to improve on our performances and to increase the pool of participants from where athletes for the 2012 Olympic Games will be selected from.

I thank you!

Moses Dikgacwi,MP
Tel: 021 403 2963