Statement by Moses Dikgacwi on Racism

21 November 2008

During yesterdays' sitting of the House, the Hon Mr. Spies submitted a statement on behalf of the FF+ that points to alleged comments made by ANC Members serving on the Sport and Recreation Portfolio Committee. The basis for the statement is highly questionable since the Hon. Spies did not attend the Committee meeting. In fact, the FF+ is not part of the committee.

It is unfortunate and disingenuous for the FF+ to be a conduit for conservative elements in the media who have lost all objectivity in dealing with the state of rugby. Where were the FF+ when:

  1. SARU questioned the coaching credentials of Pieter De Villiers upon his appointment as national coach by stating that he was appointed for reasons other than rugby?
  2. What position did the FF+ take when Ziningi Shibambo was humiliated ans abused by White male spectators at Coca-Cola Park
  3. What did the FF+ say when Llewellyn Wingson, the chairman of the East Rand Rugby Club, a black spectator was abused and beaten up in front of his wife and children after the Falcons lost to the Platinum Leopards at Bosman Stadium in Brakpan last month?
  4. What did the FF+ say when a Black spectator, Keowen Reddy was knocked unconscious by a group of White men after the Currie Cup final last month?

These are the realities we need to tackle head-on to address inequity and racism in rugby.

The truth may be uncomfortable and painful to some, but it must be spoken. The ANC will continue to be the voice of the marginalized, the voiceless and the oppressed.

The ANC lives, The ANC leads!

Moses Dikgacwi, MP
Tel: 021 403 2963