Small businesses represent an important vehicle to address the challenges of job creation, economic growth and equity in our country. We are thus concerned that the City of Cape Town continues to drag its feet when addressing the problems of the Nonkqubela Informal Traders in Khayelitsha who were not consulted on the renovation of the informal trader stalls. The project will see the 28 stalls receive a fresh coat of paint and repairs made to roller doors, but leaving the centre still dilapidated with no roof or paving.


These stalls were vandalised in 2014, were not maintained and are now only receiving cosmetic upgrades whilst still having no electricity, roofing or paving. Lack of communication between the ward councillor, the City of Cape Town and traders has increased frustrations as numerous traders had lost business as a result of the renovations, while some were working while renovations were going on.


The livelihoods of small businesses need conducive and enabling environments to function and prosper and this can only be done if they are accorded the necessary respect and assistance. We call on the City of Cape Town to speed up the renovations and address the plight of these traders.