Statement by Joan Fubbs on Alliance Economic summit

21 October 2008

This past Friday and Saturday, the African National Congress together with the Alliance partners convened an Alliance Economic Summit. The focus of the Summit was to consolidate the economic policy perspectives underpinned by our commitment the accelerated and shared economic growth, and the realization of growing rates of employment.

Many South Africans are interested to know what we will do together greatly to speed up change, create decent work for all, overcome poverty and the deep-seated inequality and rural marginalisation. The challenges of transforming the health and education sectors, as well as the criminal justice system remain key challenges.

The objective of creating decent work for all South Africans, including the unemployed and under employed, remains the primary focus of all our economic policies, including industrial and trade policy.

The African National Congress economic policy recognizes that a continuing element of democratic transformation should be a systematic programme to correct the historical injustice and affirm those deliberately excluded under apartheid - on the basis of race, class and gender.

I thank you!

Joan Fubbs
Whip: Joint Budget Committee
Tel: 021 403 3220