Statement by Gregory Scheemann on the Eikenhof informal settlement

21 November 2008

The Eikenhof informal settlement which falls within the Johannesburg Municipal area has been part of DA ward for many years.

Having been recently deployed to the Johannesburg South ANC PCO, we undertook a recent visit to Eikenhof where it was found that the community was living without access sanitation.

The ANC PCO met with the Johannesburg Metropolitan Council to discuss the communities' needs. Within three weeks, chemical toilets were placed throughout Eikenhof.

Additional water tanks are to be delivered which will increase the supply of water.

Discussions are also taking place with City Power for the possible provision of high mast lights which would improve the safety and security of residents.

The community of Eikenhof has indicated that the provision of sanitation has restored their dignity. They further added that their trust in the ANC remains strong as they know that the ANC cares and is committed to improving their living conditions and to the creation of a better life for all.

I thank you!

Gregory Scheemann, MP
Tel: 021 403 3227