Statement by Farida Mahomed on World Economic Forum

19 June 2008

The discussion at the World Economic Forum has rightfully acknowledged the global gender gap in almost all economies of the world.

It needs to be noted that the world has a huge women resource capital potential. And I am glad to admit that South Africa is poised to take up this challenge head on by our 50% quota of women in Politics.

Our skills development also points towards the same objective by giving trade incentives for women owned companies so that they are able to grow existing business or start new businesses.

Our employment equity bill also aims to ensure that women are given a fair chance to compete to occupy the higher echelons of employment.

The African National Congress in its last conference adopted a policy of gender parity within all structures of the movement, this has served to deepen our efforts to confront sexism, gender inequality and discrimination.

I thank you!

Farida Mahomed, MP
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