Statement by Cecil Burgess on passing away of Farm worker

19 June 2008

Moses Magongwa passed away a week before the award ceremony of the Lephalale Organised Agriculture Forum’s Farmworker of the Year competition in which he was the runner-up. The organizers decided to honour his memory and handed over his prize to his family.

His employer, Mr Willie Vos delivered a eulogy in Setswana which demonstrated the kind of a relationship he had with the deceased. Amongst other things he said, “to my wife and to me he was like a son who lived on the farm to take care of his aging parents. Now I’ll take care of his wife Francina and his two little children. They’re all my children now, my responsibility and I will see to it that they will lack for nothing as long as I live’.

The relationship the farmer has with his farm workers arises from the understanding that his fortunes are intimately linked with the fortunes of his workers. 

The African National Congress calls upon all farmers and farm-workers to cultivate a culture of trust, respect for each other and care as was demonstrated by Mr. Willie Vos to Moses Magongwa.

I thank you!

Cecil Burgess, MP
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