Sentiments attributed to Cde Max Sisulu in the media

5 July 2014

The Office of the ANC Chief Whip has noted views attributed to the former Speaker of the National Assembly and ANC National Executive Committee member, comrade Max Sisulu, regarding Parliament`s role pertaining to the Public Protector`s report on the security upgrades at the President`s private residence. According to his view, widely published in the media, parliamentary rules dictated that the institution re-establish the ad hoc committee to process the report, and "this is what parliamentary rules prescribe and it is not dependent on individual`s feelings".

As a stalwart of our movement, Comrade Sisulu has the right to hold an opinion, whether it is factual or not, and this is a right we will always respect. Having said this, we wish to state these simple facts regarding the subject matter.

Firstly, decisions taken in Parliament are matters of national importance and are always a consequence of a collective multiparty process firmly in line with the institution`s constitutional and legal obligations. They can neither be whimsical nor dependent on an "individual`s feelings".

Secondly, when the previous ad hoc committee took a decision to refer its business to the fifth parliament due to lack of sufficient time to satisfactorily process it, the ANC committed that it will ensure that the new parliament deals with the matter thoroughly. This is because the rules of the National Assembly allow such a committee to be revived to continue with its business. The revival of the committee is not "dictated" upon, but recommended to the new parliament through the report of the Ad hoc committee. The report of the ad hoc committee has not yet been dealt with by Parliament.

With the President recently indicating that he will provide the Speaker of the National Assembly with a final and comprehensive report within 30 days following his receipt of the provisional Special Investigative Units (SIU) into security upgrades at Nkandla residence, we have asserted that Parliament should await the President`s full report to holistically process the matter.

There is nothing markedly new in the views publicly expressed by the former Speaker, despite the effort in some media to peddle them as groundbreaking or newsworthy in order to drive a malicious and inaccurate impression that ANC is against the processing of the report by Parliament.


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