SASSA office cannot accommodate pensioners

D Dlakude

The ANC believes that the provision of social security grants remains a key strategy of addressing the plight of the poor. It is thus extremely worrying when applicants for social security grants in the Piet Retief area are expected to queue outside the SASSA offices on a busy side road in the sun and in the rain.

Those applying for grants are expected to stand outside and receive services through a small window in all weather conditions. In addition, shortage of staff often results in those applicants who have queued an entire day, being turned away without being attended to.

An incident also reported was the sad case of an old woman being knocked down by a speeding vehicle while standing in the queue. It is unfortunate that our people have to face such challenges in order to receive a necessary service.

It is hoped that new offices will be sourced which can accommodate those who require SASSA services and who can be attended to with dignity and in safe surroundings.