SA can be proud of accomplishments as lead nation in UN Security Council

CN Ncube-Ndaba

The South African government's commitment in its support, especially to women, was displayed at the United Nations Security Council. South Africa capitalised on the opportunity as the lead nation in the Council, that the month of October, be one of a call for the meaningful participation of women in all levels. These levels include the following: peace processes, investing in women as peacebuilders, protecting the human rights of women and ensuring that those who perpetrate heinous crimes, such as sexual violence, there is swift accountability. The resolution has been adopted unanimously, in a rare display of unity of purpose, in a Council starkly divided on issues of peace and security.

South Africa, in its deliberations was clear that there is a need to strengthen reporting requirements and support for women and children in conflict situations. This opportunity gave Women from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Burundi and Sudan, to speak of their pain, hopes and expectations. The Center for Reproductive Rights has praised South Africa's leadership, commending the South African government for its commitment to the rights of women and girls during its presidency in the Council.

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