Racist DA`s scandalous inaction on Kohler-Barnard unsurprising

22 December 2015

The Office of the ANC Chief Whip is utterly disturbed, but not surprised, by the DA`s decision to overturn the expulsion of its unrepentant racist and apartheid advocate Dianne Kohler-Barnard. We knew from the onset, when the expulsion was initially announced, that it was nothing but a publicity stunt and a hopeless attempt to dupe the public into believing that the party has changed and it is intolerant to racism within its ranks. It should be stressed that, despite being `expelled`, Kohler-Barnard continued serving the party in the National Assembly and continued with her full role as a Member of Parliament. The public cannot be fooled, we all knew that it was only a matter of time before the real DA - the racist, apartheid apologist and defender of white supremacy - once again showed its true colours.

The overturning of the expulsion once again confirms what the majority of South Africans have always suspected, that the party leader, Mmusi Maimane, is nothing but a glorified figurehead with absolutely no influence or control of the party he supposedly lead. His sudden ascension to the so-called `first Black leader of the DA`, has done nothing to transform the party and its image as a racist party still yearning for the return of the apartheid minority rule. The Kohler-Barnard decision, as well as the recent controversial anti-Black views on transformation at higher institutions, proves he was only brought into the fold to window-dress the party reprehensible racist policies and to lure the Black vote. It is a shameful assimilation of the post-apartheid era.

The DA`s inaction regarding Kohler-Barnard and many previous acts of racism within its ranks in several provinces is an insult particularly to its Black members and voters.


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