R1m maths and science centre brings hope to Soweto school

L Maseko

The ANC has always been committed to reversing the unfortunate legacy inherited from the former education system in this country, which discouraged black learners from taking maths and science for matric. Black learners are now encouraged to take these subjects in order to change the situation and play a major part in helping their country to move forward. We therefore welcome the launch of the state-of-the-art maths and science centre at the Diepdale Secondary School in Diepkloof, Soweto on Wednesday 18 April 2018. The nearly R1 million Allianz maths and science centre was created through a partnership between Allianz Group and the SA Medical & Educational Foundation This will provide at least 1 000 Grade 8 to 12 pupils with access to facilities and resources aimed to increase hands-on learning and vocational skills.

These include renovated classrooms filled with new maths textbooks that can be accessed on tablets, smart whiteboards, LED microscopes and life-sized models of the human body. This is a big step up for the school, which did not have even a single microscope in the past. Previously, pupils had to learn about chemical reactions and the human body from a textbook. The ANC is of the belief that we need to make science, maths and technology-related subjects more visible to the youth, in order to inspire them.

I thank you