Parliamentary AD HOC Committee on President`s response

10 April 2014

The Office of the ANC Chief Whip welcomes the decision of the Speaker of the National Assembly to establish the ad hoc committee to consider the submissions by the President in response to the Public Protector`s Report.

The decision to establish the committee was taken in line with the applicable rule enabling the Speaker to establish a committee of this nature during a parliamentary recess and following consultation with the Chief Whip of the Majority Party and other parties. The ad hoc committee will restrict itself to its mandate outlined in the points of reference and report back to the National Assembly with recommendations where applicable.

Contrary to the opportunistic, misguided and deliberately misleading electioneering rhetoric from the DA, the ad hoc committee has absolutely nothing to do with either the so-called `impeachment` or the DA`s request for the establishment of a `committee to impeach` the President.

It is natural that Parliament, as the supreme representative of the people in terms of our constitutional democracy, would develop a special process to consider a matter of national importance as this one. The notion that that the committee has some sort of relation to `impeachment` is nothing but wishful thinking and self-deception which is not borne out by any fact.

We are pleased with the decision to form a committee of this nature with such a mandate, as it would give Parliament an opportunity to pronounce itself on this matter.


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