Over 300 undocumented foreigners found squatting in a building in Hillbrow

MS Chabane

The ANC believes that while migration is a global phenomenon, there needs to be swift action when dealing with undocumented foreigners and those who commit crimes in South Africa.

The discovery of more than 300 undocumented foreign nationals in a 21-storey building in Hillbrow, on Friday 8th November 2019, is a cause for concern. This was uncovered during a crime prevention operation in the early hours of Friday.

Gauteng, kicking off the safer festive season campaign focussing on specific nationalities especially those involved in crimes such as drugs, violent crimes and murders, were arrested during this campaign.

As the ANC we understand that foreign nationals have chosen South Africa for various reasons. Those who comply with our visa rules and regulations, are documented. Those who have not, are undocumented. We call upon our government to crack down on those who are undocumented, as some amongst them are involved in illegal activities. Our Election Manifesto is clear, we will take tough measures against undocumented migrants involved in criminal activities. Our commitment is to protect all living in South Africa, its citizens, tourists who visit our beautiful country and those who study and work legally.