Notice of a motion:

Mr. C. Maine gave a notice that in the next sitting of the Council he shall move that the Council:-

1. Notes with a great sense of pride the successful beginning of the 17th Conference of the Parties or what is commonly known as COP17 to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in the city of Durban this week and expected to end on 9 December;

2. Further notes that 192 parties from 191 countries and consisting of 11 810 delegates, including several Heads of State, Government Ministers, Officials of the United Nation including its Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, members of civil society and journalists were approved to attend COP17; and

3. Takes this opportunity to welcome all our national guests to the beautiful shores of our land and wishes them a successful conference, as they seek to rally the global community to seek better ways to manage and respond to the global threat of climate change by advancing the negotiations that took place in Cancun Mexico last year.

I so move!