Moving Madiba's statue for a movie shoot is a slap in the face of his memory

SP Tsoleli

The ANC is disappointed by the City of Cape Town's decision to give permission to a film production company to remove the statue of former President Nelson Mandela temporarily for an international movie shoot. Mandela delivered his first speech after being released at the Grand Parade in Cape Town on the 11th of February 1990. On that day people from all walks of life came together to listen to Mandela speak after years in prison.

The statue plays a significant part in our history and to remove it displays the City's ignorance of Madiba's stature and his place in our history. The statue was removed on the anniversary of a famous address he made to more than 250 000 people on the day of his release from Victor Verster Prison, now known as the Drakenstein Correctional Centre. The statue's removal was apparently at the request of a member of the film crew. Removing the statue to clear the way for a film shoot is to wipe away the memory of that momentous occasion from history. That statue is part of Cape Town's identity, and to remove it to accommodate a film shoot, even temporarily, shows the DA -led City's disdain for the memory of that historic event.