Motion on Masters Student Making and Supplying University with Sanitizers


The African National Congress moves without notice: That the House


  1. notes that a curiosity about sanitizers and the observation that there was a shortage of sanitizers, led to Durban University of Technology Masters student, Ntokozo Mabaso, manufacturing and supplying his university with sanitizer at the height of the pandemic;

  2. further notes that the University had initially been sourcing its sanitizers from its Department of Biotechnology and when they stopped producing them, Mr Mabaso approached his research supervisor with his formula to produce them;

  3. acknowledges that he graduated with a B. Tech degree in Analytical Chemistry in 2014, and unable to find work, he founded Nuffsaid Sciences (Pty) Ltd, a company that specializes in consulting and operates as a mobile laboratory which does product testing among other things;

  4. understands that the University provides Mr Mabaso with the materials and ingredients and he manufactures and packages the product;

  5. further understands that since production began a month ago, he has manufactured and supplied the University with about 800 litres of sanitizers with a target set for 3000 litres; and

  6. congratulates Mr Mabaso on his initiative and hard work and wishes him well on plans to continue product development and to bring mobile laboratories to high school pupils.