Lifestyle Audits for Public Servants

MT Kibi ( Virtual)

The ANC is encouraged by the stepping up and intensification of compulsory lifestyle audits for government officials to ensure employees’ lifestyles are in line with their declared income.

We believe that the importance of conducting lifestyle audits is a positive step towards the realization of a capable, ethical and developmental state and more importantly, fighting corruption.

Instances of public servants unduly benefiting from the state’s resources and procurement opportunities have increased and the lifestyle audits will help to strengthen the already existing financial disclosure framework.

As from February 2022, intensifying lifestyle audits and its effective implementation can serve as meaningful deterrent for people who find themselves under observation and who may be asked to explain the origins of their wealth. They are also useful in that they identify assets and goods, allowing authorities to freeze or sequester them while a full investigation is conducted, which increases the possibility of stolen assets being recovered.