Keeping senior citizens healthy in golden years

Siwela EK

The ANC welcomes the hosting of the Sixth National Golden Games by the Mpumalanga province, held at Mbombela stadium from the 27-30 October 2014.The Golden Games ensure participation of both male and female elderly citizens and this forms part of the ANC Government`s efforts towards healthy ageing. In these games older persons participate in sport and recreation activities like the duck walk, dress-up race, football, athletics and others. These games are but one attempt of relieving older persons from challenges of stress deprivation emanating from the years of caring for their sick children and being sole parents of orphaned grandchildren, which jeopardize their health status and contribute to accelerated ageing.

The ANC calls upon the games` organizers responsible for social development and health and provincial departments responsible for sport and recreation to promote a holistic approach to active ageing and wellbeing among the country`s senior citizens and organise more activities such as chess clubs, singing, poetry evenings, painting lessons and other mentally stimulating activities for older persons and should benefit all older persons, including those in rural areas.

I thank you