Joint statement by the ANC Caucus and COSATU

26 August 2004


The visit by COSATU to ANC Caucus in Parliament is a historic and positive development. It is the first of it`s kind since the inception of democracy. The objectives of the interaction are:

  • Interaction with newly appointed Caucus leadership (Chairs and Whips).
  • Exchanged views on how best to process issues of interest to workers.
  • To lay the basis for cooperation between COSATU and ANC Caucus on issues of common interest.
  • To promote and improve interaction between ANC Study groups and COSATU Unions.

COSATU and its affiliates Unions are constant and regular participants in the public hearings and submissions to Portfolio Committees of Parliament. They have served as a voice of working class and the poor in a manner that no other organisation did. The ANC appreciates this role and would endeavour to enable COSATU to fulfil this role even better in the future.

Twenty bilaterals were held between ANC Study groups and COSATU CEC Members from different Affiliates Unions operating in different sectors this week. The two parties exchanged ideas on how to address the objectives of government as captured in the manifesto of the ANC. In particular "People`s contract to create work and fight poverty".

The joint sitting of ANC Caucus and COSATU Central Executive Committee (CEC) was held today, 26 August 2004 at OLD Assembly Chambers. It was address by the President of COSATU, Willie Madisha and National Chairperson of the ANC, Mosiuoa Lekota. Both of them emphasized the importance of the Tripartite Alliance and the need for the consolidation of the Alliance in addressing the socio -economic problems in our society which are the legacy of apartheid.

This joint sitting was privileged to be addressed by the Stalwart of the ANC, Andrew Mlangeni, MP about the history of the Alliance and its strategic nature in the National Democratic Revolution. He insisted that young Leaders of both COSATU and the ANC should not allow the weakening of the Alliance.

A special meeting was held (14H00 -today) between COSATU CEC and Chairpersons and Whips of ANC Caucus. The meeting discussed the work of Parliament and ANC Caucus in last ten years. It was general felt that a lot of legislation passed in the last ten years contributed effectively in transforming the South African society. However, also noted that a lot still needs to be done in addressing the socio-economic needs of predominantly Black poor population. The meeting further resolved that the decisions of the tripartite Alliance and Ekurhuleni Summit must be used as guiding framework in addressing these problems.