F Jacobs

Every year, the 29th November marks the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. It’s a day to remember that the Palestinian people have not yet attained certain inalienable rights, including national independence and sovereignty.

More than 8 million Palestinian people live in the Palestinian territory occupied by Israel. This territory has been occupied since the six day war in 1967, when Israel defeated Egypt, Syria, and Jordan.

The Government and the people of South Africa must join the international community in reiterating our unwavering solidarity with the people of Palestine.

South Africa urges the global community to act purposively towards a just and peaceful end of the occupation as guided by international law.

A just ending of the occupation must address disputes regarding the borders for a viable two state solution, the return of all Palestinian refugees, the status of East Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian State and halting all illegal settlements.

South Africa calls on all key stakeholders to ensure that all obligations under international law are met in order for a peaceful and just ending of the occupation of Palestine.