Improvement and Renovation for three schools in Hammanskraal

improvements and renovations to our schools are always warmly welcomed. Thus the ANC believes that the recent renovations of three schools in Hammanskraal will ensure that teaching and learning in a productive environment will only serve to further advance the work of its learners. Ramabele Secondary as well as Mmatso and Rapeleho primary schools received fresh wall plastering, coats of paint, office furniture, in addition to laptops to aid their learning and enhance skills.

The renovations were sponsored by Altron Nexus together with the Gauteng Department of Finance and e-Government, working closely with the Gauteng Department of Education. Staff rooms were given white, large boardroom-type tables, that will provide all teachers with a conducive working station, and Ramabele Secondary was also given smart boards connected to the internet.

They were renovated to provide a teaching and learning environment worthy of the community, and ICT equipment to introduce learners to computers while they are still in primary school.It is also encouraging to note that the renovations will not stop with these schools but that other schools in the area in need of improvements will be identified and receive much needed assistance.