Implementation of the National Emergency Action Plan

ERK Maphatsoe

The Emergency Action Plan unveiled by President Ramaphosa on the 18th September 2019 has already made progress towards combating violence against women and children through a coordinated government and civil society effort. The delivery of Evidence-collection kits such as Paediatric Rape Kits, Adult Rape Kits and Buccal Sample Kits to Gauteng and Limpopo by the South African Police Services have been completed. They are also in the process of finalising delivery to all police stations in the country.

SAPS is in the process of enhancing the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) that tracks the processing of GBVF related cases. The system will be completed by January 2020. A total of 312 police entrants are currently under training and will be allocated to the Family Violence, Child Abuse and Sexual Offences (FCS)) by the 31st December 2019. Further, inspections of police stations to ensure availability of rape kits has been done and SAPS has committed to finalizing 80% of GBV related services complaints within 14 working days. The ANC government remains committed to dealing with gender based violence in all its forms!