Government intensifies efforts to combat crime

Crime is a global phenomenon, a scourge that respects no borders and affects all nations. In this country all kinds of crimes have increased since last year. Nevertheless, the ANC Government remains unmoved in its commitment to the fight against crime. The commitment in eliminating criminality and general lawlessness from our communities in some provinces has been noted recently. Intensified crime combating operations in Gauteng over the past weekend saw the arrest of over 900 suspects and 15 illegal firearms recovered. This sends a strong warning to those who continue to undermine the rule of law.

The ANC would like to thank community members who continue to help the police in the fight against crime and those who choose not to keep quiet when crime is committed under their watch. Our government is unshakeable in its resolve to fight crime. In areas where there have been positive in-roads, we will continue to work hard and smart to entrench these successes. Accordingly, in areas where there have been some increases in crime, we shall continue searching for solutions.

I thank you.