The duplicity of the DA

The DA’s house of cards came tumbling down in the past week with the sudden resignations of party leader, Mmusi Maimane, Federal Chairman, Athol Trollip and Mayor of Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba. Helen Zille’s greed for power and her successful election as the Federal Chairperson of the Democratic Alliance was underscored by the fact that, despite her polarising views on race and colonialism, her arrogant and patronising social media obsession and her move to the “right”, the DA showed its true colours by electing her and dethroning Mmusi Maimane.

Try as they might, the DA was never going to be the home of black South Africans, and it will appear that they have given up the pretence of black inclusion.  Mr Mashaba and Mr Maimane, whilst knowingly accepting that they were in leadership positions to change the voting demography of the DA, found to their dismay that the DA always believed that race is irrelevant in the discussion of inequality and poverty in SA.

As he stepped down, Mr Mashaba stated that “some members of the DA caucus in Johannesburg have suggested that we prioritise the needs of suburban residents above providing dignity to those forgotten people who remain without basic services 25 years after the end of apartheid.” For him this was untenable.

Regrettably, Helen Zille’s return, will be the demise of the DA.