Dr Mngadi comes full circle after Cuban project

TM Nkonzo

The ANC, is once again delighted by the success stories of the Republic of South Africa-Cuba medical training programme. As one of its recipient, Dr Nhlanhla Mngadi, a medical intern within the family medicine unit, is already treating a number of patients at RK Khan Hospital in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, for the very first time. Mr Mngadi, a child from an impoverished home and many like him, are doctors today because of the ANC Government initiative and support. Had it not been for the RSA-Cuba medical training programme, their dreams of becoming doctors would have been a pipe dream.

Since the programme has been pioneered, it has since produced 127 doctors, while 438 are still studying in Cuba and 291 are now completing their studies in South Africa. Mr Mngadi's journey started in 2011, when he and hundreds of other poor South African students left their homes to study medicine in Cuba, a country with a strong focus on health education and disease prevention rather than cure, which is more in line with the NHI.

The ANC is grateful that Mr Mngadi and many like him are taking the responsibility to serve their communities with vigour and enthusiasm, and wishes them the best in their work.

I thank you