The African National Congress commends the progress on the long waited return of District Six claimants to the area. Their return comes 55 years later after being forcibly removed by the apartheid government under the Group Areas Act when the area was declared a “Whites only Area”. The ANC led government remains committed to addressing the injustices and rectifying the wrongs of the past including land dispossessions. In 2019, the Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, working together with various stake holders, committed to a detailed plan to speed up the process and have those claimants return home by 2023. As we speak, a new development has sprung up in the area. The District Six site is now full of activity and swarming with construction workers.


The ANC is greatly encouraged to hear that one hundred and eight (108) claimants will eventually move in the area as early as April 2021. They are part of the first group of 975 claimants who applied for restitution in the late 1990s. The ANC acknowledges that the process of having the dispossessed return to District Six has been a long and frustrating process for the claimants, with delays and legal battles. We commit that under our watch, nobody would be allowed to take away what rightfully belongs to the people. Never again shall there be places that are reserved for certain people in this country. We commend the people of the District Six for standing together and fighting for their rights till the end.


Thank you