Department of Women launches sanitary dignity programme in Piet Retief

CL Theko

The launch of sanitary dignity programme in Piet Retief on Thursday 28 February 2019 is a hard won and hard fought for victory for women's rights. The launch is a culmination of government's efforts to ensure that all young women have access to sanitary products. The Sanitary Dignity Programme encompasses the entire value chain from procurement and production, to storage, distribution, and disposal of sanitary products. The Department of Women is mandated with the responsibility to coordinate the development of an implementation framework on the distribution of sanitary products to indigent girls and women.

This National launch was held under the theme "Restoring the dignity of young women". The   programme affirms the commitment of the ANC led Government, both nationally and provincially to protecting and prioritising the interests of the girl child, an often marginalised subsect of our communities. Women, and in particular girls of school going age, find themselves at the centre of stigma as a result of menstruation.  The ANC believes this project will go a long way in reducing absenteeism associated with menstrual cycles by up to 90% as it will distribute menstrual pads to the needy free of charge.