DA continues to crack in the WC as they lost another ward to the ANC and showed declining support in two others

KL Jacobs

The ANC notes the defeat the DA in the West Coast region as they lost the second ward in less than a year. In the recent bi-elections held in three wards on Wednesday 13th November 2019 the ANC won Vredendal North (Ward 4), where the DA was previously in control. The DA retained the other two Wards, ward 19 and 82 but showed a drop of 20%. The results in these elections, all in predominantly coloured areas are cumulatively disastrous for the DA.

Following the leadership and policy crises that have befallen the DA in the past month, which included the resignations of senior party leaders, the DA face difficulties at the present moment. The excuse by its Federal Council Chairperson Helen Zille that the emergency of small parties and independent candidates contributed in the decline by splitting DA's votes, doesn't hold water. The ANC believes that local factors play a large role in by-elections. Streets in the rural areas and farms around Matzikama area in Ward 4 have potholes, unemployment is high and poverty is still very real. We congratulate the newly elected Ward 14 Councillor Cecil le Fleur and the people of Vredendal for their ANC support.

Thank you