DA Chief Whip has done well to expose his party`s pitiful perfromance

23 November 2015

DA chief whip John Steenhuisen has made some startling boast that his party has written more questions to the executive than the ANC. This, he bizarrely concludes, is evidence that the ANC has not performed well in Parliament. It beggars belief that a chief whip of the official opposition would exhibit such astonishing cluelessness regarding parliament`s oversight work. Anyone with the flimsiest imagination of the functioning of Parliament would know simply writing many questions is not a yardstick of good performance. If it were, all of us would sit at home and conduct oversight through written correspondence.

The ANC`s parliamentary strategy over the years paid attention to overall and qualitative oversight through instruments such as motions for debates, oral and written questions to the executive, committee oversight, Members statements and debates on issues of national importance - amongst others. Our work in this regard has surpassed any party`s, as our end of the year statement will factually attest soon. Steenhuisen`s cheap boasting has thankfully done an excellent work of exposing his party`s flaws and pitiful performance this year than attempt to conduct an assessment of us.

It is a disastrous attempt at diverting attention from the scandals currently faced by his party leader and other DA MPs relating racism, falsification of assets declarations and sexual harassment.


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