Caucus statement on Court Judgment

3 October 2005

The ANC Parliamentary Caucus welcomes today`s court judgment against the Democratic Alliance`s application to bar the five members who defected from the party to retain their seats in the National Assembly under their new parties.

The judgment correctly dismisses with cost the DA`s argument that the five Members did not form a 10 percent threshold required for floor crossing. We have always been of a belief that such an argument was both nonsensical and unsound. The judgment affirms the correctness of the members` defection and the ANC`s assessment in this regard.

While a thorough study of the full judgement would be made in due course, Caucus views the decision as victory for democracy.

The DA`s abortive attempt to challenge this legal process through deliberate misinterpretation of the legislation was unnecessary and unfortunate. It was motivated by its fear to face up to the harsh reality of its dwindling popularity among its membership.

We trust that the party has learned a lesson from this judgment and that such gimmicks do not replay themselves in future.

The DA should focus its energies on addressing reported racial divisions and leadership chaos within its ranks. Any attempt to divert public attention from these matters by resorting to unnecessary court challenges is mischievous.

For more information contact: Mpho Lekgoro, MP [Caucus Spokesperson] @ 082 413 4908

Moloto Mothapo
Head of Media & Communications
ANC Parliamentary Caucus
Cape Town
082 370 6930